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1. To new customers:

Please use the “Repeat card” (our club original deposit card) for payments in our club. In order to make this card we will ask for your name and contact information. We will use your personal information only for confirmation and contact purposes. The reissue charge will be 100 yen.

1. Admission process

For customers who forgot to bring their “Repeat card”, we will prepare a substitute card for the day. Please deposit money in this card for the day. Next time, please bring this card and your original “Repeat card” and we will add the reminder.

2. At bat

Please use any open bat.

3. Balls

In order to get practice balls, please insert your card in the rental machine. Choose the amount of balls you wish to rent and push the start button. 1 basket contains 50 balls and you can rent up to 3 baskets at a time.

4. Start

Please enjoy! We have a coffee shop on the second floor where you will be able to find light meals and beverages. Please ask the front desk about Short courses, patting green, and bunker bats.

5. After practice

The money left over in your “Repeat card” can be used next time. Please keep your “Repeat card” for your next visit.

2. Play Charge

Play Charge

Member Visitor
Admission fee 350yen 450yen
50balls week days 450yen 500yen
50balls Saturdays,Sundays and holidays 450yen 550yen
Night charges 100yen 100yen
Putting green (*1) 300yen 400yen
Bat bunker (*1) 300yen 400yen
Earth batting box (*1) 300yen 400yen
Clubs for rent (single) (*2) 200yen 200yen

(*1) The first 30 minutes is free for those who paid the admission fee.

(*2) We have clubs for children under 12 (one set 200yen).

Short course week days 900yen 1,000yen
Short course Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 900yen 1,100yen

We have set a junior (under15) fee. The "repeat card" is half price of the visitor fee.

"Repeat card"

Premium Total of available
1,000yen 0 1,000yen 2 1
2,000yen 0 2,000yen 4 2
3,000yen 300 (10%) 3,300yen 6 3
5,000yen 800 (16%) 5,800yen 10 5
10,000yen 2,000 (20%) 12,000yen 20 10

Rebate points

Points Premium
100points 1,000yen
200points 2,100yen
300points 3,300yen
500points 5,750yen
1,000points 12,000yen


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